Abstract with Grids and Circles

Two of the artists I most admire (Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky) painted according to their philosophies. Kandinsky had a theory about how colors are related to shapes. I don’t recall the the associations in his theory, but perhaps the color red might be associated with a circle, blue with a square and yellow with a triangle.  He could apply those rules (and others coherent with his larger philosophy), to his ideas and produce a masterpiece of visual color and shape composition.

Klee thought that the role of the artist was to ‘make visible’ his or her internal ideas. He had particular notions about design that he taught at The Bauhaus, which were compiled into two major Notebooks, still available today.

Both Klee and Kandinsky were musically inclined (Klee was an accomplished violinist, and Kandinsky worked with Arnold Schoenberg) and applied principles of musical composition to their visual works.

I am playing with visual design, and I have ideas that I want to make visible but (for now) I haven’t married the two together.  Below are some of the visual elements I hope to incorporate into a symphony, someday.

Watercolor: Abstract with Grids and Circles

Abstract 072616
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Block

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