Back Studies: Two Men

The common denominator between these two sketches is not the cloaked anatomy of the backs, it is gesture. The figure on the right is centered and stable. The left figure is out of balance: the chair is tilted; the man is twisted, as if he is in motion. The differences can be attributed to the […]

Dream Images

I started reading Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams recently. I have a particular interest in dreams as I often have vivid ones. For a time I would wake myself up after dreaming and write down as much as I could remember. I would try to understand where they came from. I don’t do that any more, […]

Abstract 101416

A change of pace today. Nothing more to do for our niece who passed away yesterday. I am feeling calm in a strange way after the struggles of the past couple of weeks. The house is quiet. I thought that I might reveal some insights by wandering a pen across the paper today. But my […]

The Abstract Shadow

My wife and I love film noir. Film noir is a genre of cinema of the 1940s and 50s which were mostly low budget, dimly lit movies that didn’t always end well for the characters. They were dark in lighting as well as in emotional tenor. Examples of film noir include: The Maltese Falcon, Dark […]

More Bits from Cybernetics

As I read Steven Heim’s book* I keep finding more and more interesting information. The concept of communication was an important component of cybernetics. In fact  Norbert Wiener’s seminal work Cybernetics was subtitled, Control and Communication in the Animal and Machine. The emergence of the field of cybernetics was the result of more than a decade of informal talks […]


I seem to be surrounded by broken things, things that are incomplete. Mom died just over a month ago, not more than two weeks after her 90th birthday. Many cousins I hadn’t seen in a while came to her party. We all had a great time. I traveled from California to New Jersey to be […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: My experiments over the past few days have covered pairs of complementary colors (From a Magazine, Imaginary Forest, Next Complement Please). Yesterday I combined all, in an abstract study, the design of which just popped into my mind (All Together Now). Today’s study is less about painting and more a continuation of […]