More Bits from Cybernetics

As I read Steven Heim’s book* I keep finding more and more interesting information. The concept of communication was an important component of cybernetics. In fact  Norbert Wiener’s seminal work Cybernetics was subtitled, Control and Communication in the Animal and Machine. The emergence of the field of cybernetics was the result of more than a decade of informal talks […]

Communication Between Sane and Insane: Hypnosis*

[Note: As I mentioned yesterday, I couldn’t resist saving this article from one the unread books in my collection.] What an intriguing prospect. My attraction to this topic stems from my deep desire since I was a child in the 1950s, to communicate with my low functioning, nonverbal, autistic older brother, Michael. Granted, the title […]

Cybernetics and Spring Cleaning

Dad was a theoretical physicist, probably a better name for his field would be ‘applied mathematics’. He was more at home with math than people. He had a hard time figuring them out and left that to Mom. Looking back, Dad would have probably qualified to be on the spectrum of autistic personalities, had one […]