Memories of Michael: The First of Mike (1950)

This is a page from Mike’s baby album. I have it in my book, My Brother Michael. I can only imagine the hopes and dreams of a glorious future that my parents must have had for their new baby.

Memories of Michael: Mom and Dad 40 Years Later (~1992)

I wish I could find a good print of this picture (I had to take this one from my book). Mom and Dad still found time to smell the roses. (Reference the picture from 40 years before.)

Memories of Michael: Mike and Dad on Willowbrook Visit (early 1960s)

When our family went to visit Willowbrook, we would take him to nearby Al Deppe’s, a souped-up hot dog stand, somewhere on Victory Boulevard. My brother Dave and I played Ski-Ball and marveled at the piano-violin machine that would play duets at the drop of a quarter. I was always wary because I never knew […]

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