Woefully Misproportioned Sketch

I still need a lot of work on proportions, when I draw blindly, that is, without looking at the paper. In the sketch below, my hands had the idea that the body to which it was attached, was smaller than it was in fact. I started from the feet and took my pen for a […]

Man with Skinny Tush

I really must practice imagining the entire sketch when I begin my blind drawing. This means I must create a mental picture of the sketchbook surface on which my hand will trace the outline of the portrait subject. This is difficult, since I place the point of my pen at one place on the outline […]

Man in Sandals Just Before Orientation

Drawing is observing. Not only observation of lines and form, but of other goings on in the environment. Several people came into the waiting room shortly before one o’clock. I was only able to trace the upper contours before someone called out for the start of orientation.