Nespoli and Neighbors

The nespoli (loquat) fruit tree in the back yard is loaded. There will be a lot of food for the birds, since most of the nespoli are beyond reach. I did a blind drawing (peeking a little bit) of the skyline formed by the fig, nespoli and pine trees. I filled in the fruits where […]

Them! – Blind

I found a new way to practice drawing. Whilst watching old movies (my favorite television genre), I concentrate on one figure and draw it without looking at the paper (blind drawing). When the scene changes I quickly sketch another figure before it changes again.  I was watching ‘Them!” this evening, a science fiction movie about […]

My Vision

This post is not an artist’s statement of how I see my art in relation to my inner vision, etc., etc.. This is about my eyes, my left eye, to be precise. I was reading outside on the porch today. It was very bright. After I came in, the house was very dark, as expected. […]

Blind Portrait

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday I did not take my eyes of the plant I was drawing. I did not look at the paper. Today I did the opposite. I closed my eyes and did not look at the paper or the subject. The subject was my mother’s face. I used to practice drawing her face […]

Fat Fish

Right now, I’m probably out fishing. I prepare my posts the day before and schedule them to appear at midnight of the next day. So to get in the spirit, I thought I’d take my ‘point out for a walk’ to ‘make visible’ a photograph I took when I went fishing the last time. For […]