Dream Background 10-3-17

I frequently have vivid dreams. Most of the images in my dreams are characters in a story that my mind makes up. Most of the stories are variations on a theme. Some of them are very inventive. One of my dreams even had credits at the end, just like a movie; they scrolled to fast […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: My experiments over the past few days have covered pairs of complementary colors (From a Magazine, Imaginary Forest, Next Complement Please). Yesterday I combined all, in an abstract study, the design of which just popped into my mind (All Together Now). Today’s study is less about painting and more a continuation of […]

All Together Now

Today’s watercolor experiment: Having used the complements of the primary colors (blue with orange in ‘From a Magazine‘; yellow with purple in ‘Imaginary Forest‘; and red with green in ‘Next Complement Please‘), I wanted to combine them all in one composition. A word about the composition: I could not think of a natural subject that would allow […]


In contrast to yesterday’s experiment, I thought a lot about today’s watercolor. Before I continue, I must apologize. When I wrote, The Last Rubber Image, I thought I was done with latex masking fluid. However, I couldn’t resist another whack at it. After all, it was fun dripping and spreading it around. First step So […]

Dreams and Creativity

Brief background The study of dreaming is a big field of scientific endeavor. Although this topic is very interesting, I do not wish to rehash all the theories in this post. Let me mention four different views of dreaming: Freud thought that dreaming was a way to access that which our consciousness hides from us; […]

Drawing a Dream

Vivid dreams I have vivid dreams pretty frequently. I’m not sure with what they are correlated. They could be related what is happening around me: a book I am reading, a movie I watched or a feeling with which I am wrestling. For a long period of time, I would wake up shortly after my […]