Disturbed Sleep

When I was a kid someone told me, or I heard somewhere, that dreams arise from the subconscious.  So, I thought that if I thought about scary things I didn’t want to dream about, it would be in my consciousness and therefore I wouldn’t dream about them. Well now I know the origin of that […]

Dream Images

I started reading Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams recently. I have a particular interest in dreams as I often have vivid ones. For a time I would wake myself up after dreaming and write down as much as I could remember. I would try to understand where they came from. I don’t do that any more, […]

Orange Aquatic Abstract

Before I introduce today’s watercolor, I must comment on yesterday’s. The title of yesterday’s study is ‘Reverting’. I thought that my child-like scrawling of a cat was a trip down fantasy lane to childhood (unclear if it was mine). I joked that the book I was reading, Psychoanalytic Explorations in Art, might explain repressed memories. Boy is […]

Dreams and Creativity

Brief background The study of dreaming is a big field of scientific endeavor. Although this topic is very interesting, I do not wish to rehash all the theories in this post. Let me mention four different views of dreaming: Freud thought that dreaming was a way to access that which our consciousness hides from us; […]