Bird Watching

Inspiration for today’s study came from some bird watching on the back porch this morning. I did a bit of reading and became very sleepy.  I lay down for a brief snooze, but in a pre-unconscious state (I assume), I saw line drawings on my closed eyelids. I was excited, because they looked like Paul […]

Disturbed Sleep

When I was a kid someone told me, or I heard somewhere, that dreams arise from the subconscious.  So, I thought that if I thought about scary things I didn’t want to dream about, it would be in my consciousness and therefore I wouldn’t dream about them. Well now I know the origin of that […]

Communication Between Sane and Insane: Hypnosis*

[Note: As I mentioned yesterday, I couldn’t resist saving this article from one the unread books in my collection.] What an intriguing prospect. My attraction to this topic stems from my deep desire since I was a child in the 1950s, to communicate with my low functioning, nonverbal, autistic older brother, Michael. Granted, the title […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: My experiments over the past few days have covered pairs of complementary colors (From a Magazine, Imaginary Forest, Next Complement Please). Yesterday I combined all, in an abstract study, the design of which just popped into my mind (All Together Now). Today’s study is less about painting and more a continuation of […]

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