Dream Images

I started reading Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams recently. I have a particular interest in dreams as I often have vivid ones. For a time I would wake myself up after dreaming and write down as much as I could remember. I would try to understand where they came from. I don’t do that any more, but last night I had a couple of dreams, whose images I can still conjure up in my waking state.

The image below is from my dream about a worm. It was shedding its skin. The skin turned into a hungry baby worm that went back into the shedding mother to feast on the eggs inside.  YUCK!  I’m sure Dr. Freud would have a field day with this one…  Maybe I shouldn’t admit that I had this dream, but the image really stuck with  me.

Watercolor: Dream Image - Newborn Worm

Newborn Worm Returning
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Undoubtedly I will uncover much more about the meaning of dreams of this type from The Interpretation of Dreams. Perhaps some of what I find will be relevant and revelational. Hopefully it won’t be too yucky.

2 thoughts on “Dream Images

  1. You could look up symbolism of worms…I often do that with dreams. Although there are also plenty of dream dictionaries ready to interpret the symbol for you on the internet!
    I really like the green background here. (K)

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