Black on White

I took inspiration for today’s watercolor from yesterday’s photo (Black on Black). The skeleton caught in my self constructed La Brea tar pit is something like a horse. I’m not sure what the white squiggly lines are. Probably they are ancient symbols, or poetry for a long gone sacred animal.

Woman in Casual Dress

I like Paul Klee‘s artwork so much that I follow him on twitter. I tried emulating his piece, Woman in Peasant Dress, which was twittered earlier today. Of course, there is no comparison between the two compositions. What I had in mind was to break up the space with wide ink lines, which Klee uses […]

Abstract with Icons

I’ve been reading about some of the great abstract painters. Willem de Kooning is known for works such as Woman I and Excavation, which I have not seen in person. I am keen to learn more about him since my interest was stimulated by reading Eric Kandel’s book Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging the […]

Time Lends Context

I was leafing (I mean scrolling) through some old photographs that I took when I used to wander around NYC.  There was an incongruity in one of them. The shape seemed familiar, but not in the context of my street photography. The thumbnail size of the picture did not at once, offer much clarification. It was […]

At the Fireworks

We had fun yesterday. The fireworks were phenomenal. William really enjoyed them as well. Today’s watercolor experiment: I tried to extract significant images from my memory of yesterday’s time at the amusement park.  I began my painting with a section of a wheel from a wheelchair. We needed one so that Joy could enjoy the park […]


I seem to be surrounded by broken things, things that are incomplete. Mom died just over a month ago, not more than two weeks after her 90th birthday. Many cousins I hadn’t seen in a while came to her party. We all had a great time. I traveled from California to New Jersey to be […]