Fantastic Planet Monster

I painted today’s abstract the other day along. When I saw it again today, it reminded me of the scene from the movie, Forbidden Planet, where the monster shows up in all its animated splendor. However, my home-made monster was not dredged up from the dark reaches of my mind as Forbidden Planet’s was from the […]

Fig 112516

I’m still stuffed from Thanksgiving. Perhaps that is the reason for the food-related subject of today’s painting. It wasn’t a conscious decision, however. I began with a dry brush applications of terra rosa. Within one set of outlines I allowed purple and cadmium red to merge. I followed the opposite curvature of a short stroke of terra […]

Abstract 101416

A change of pace today. Nothing more to do for our niece who passed away yesterday. I am feeling calm in a strange way after the struggles of the past couple of weeks. The house is quiet. I thought that I might reveal some insights by wandering a pen across the paper today. But my […]

Last Night’s Dream Image

I am grateful that I dream in vivid images.  It is difficult to transcribe the most simple images from my mind to paper. Since my dreams are immersive (that is, I feel that I am within a three-dimensional space), I must choose which part of my dream environment to portray. A photographer does the same […]

Last Night’s Dream

It was a good one. I was in the apartment of an old bearded man who was teaching me something of great value. I don’t remember what it was. As I left, walking down a narrow stairway, I realized I had forgotten to ask him something. When I turned around, he had already shut the […]

Stunt Posters Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: During my wanderings around New York City in the 1990s, when I lived there, I would sometimes find scenes that had a combination of image and information that mirrored my inner thoughts.  Perhaps such themes are omnipresent but require just the right frame of mind to see, understand and photograph. I remember the building […]


I seem to be surrounded by broken things, things that are incomplete. Mom died just over a month ago, not more than two weeks after her 90th birthday. Many cousins I hadn’t seen in a while came to her party. We all had a great time. I traveled from California to New Jersey to be […]

Abstract 91014

Note to reader: I write my blog entries and paint my watercolor studies the day before I schedule them for posting. I worked on the watercolor below without conscious knowledge that I would post it on the 13th anniversary of the  horror of 9/11/2001.  I was living in NYC on that day and saw the […]

Dream Writing

Semi-conscious writing For a time I used to write down all my dreams. I would wake up in the middle of the night and write them down in my journal. Writing upside down was a problem. The ink would flow away from the ballpoint tip, and no ink would come out. Then I discovered the […]

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