Curb at Night Lit by a Headlamp

I don’t like Standard Time. It is dark when my work shift is over. The only good thing about that is the opportunity to shoot night-time parking lot scenes. The scene below was lit by the headlamp of a car. It added white to the convexity of the red curb.  

Light Headed

The illumination from a matrix of street lights leaves ghostly images. I would call them ‘after images’ but they persist. The ghost shadow that stands behind the darker one subtracts from the head of the figure in the foreground. There is a light blue line that runs through the center of the body shadow. It […]

Night Shadow

As part of the exploration of my new (part-time) environment, I wander around during my break. There is terrific lighting at night all around the parking lot. It is hard to take a shot without getting one’s own shadow in the frame. I took the photograph below after I decided which post would hold the […]

Off Eye Level

In going through my archives, I found a couple of photos I took when I lived in Brooklyn, NY.   I chose these two for the camera’s point of view. Although the sign above the record store (pictured below) was intended for maximal exposure (presumably), if one were not a curious photographer, I’m sure it […]

Annotated Self Portrait

I avoid looking in mirrors. I don’t like seeing photographs of myself either. When do see myself, I imagine that others must react to my appearance in the same way I do: very critically. In the past couple of weeks I’ve read a few Raymond Chandler mysteries. I love a good film noir and Chandler’s writing […]

The Abstract Shadow

My wife and I love film noir. Film noir is a genre of cinema of the 1940s and 50s which were mostly low budget, dimly lit movies that didn’t always end well for the characters. They were dark in lighting as well as in emotional tenor. Examples of film noir include: The Maltese Falcon, Dark […]