Under a Microscope

I started this one with a multi-layer wash. I outlined it in Payne’s grey to create a stage. The shape reminds me of a painter’s palette. I was a bit stymied at this point. I did not know what to do next, so I just doodled around. I ended up slashing around with a razor […]

Abstract 021220

This piece is characterized my high visual frequency (i,e,. wavy) lines. They remind me of wood screws driving through space. I began with short blue and yellow squiggles. Later in the process, the red lines began to dominate. Hansa yellow, a very orangey yellow really worked will with the reds on.  A more lemony yellow […]

Abstract 013120

I like the overall pastel look to this experiment. The inner complexity is bracketed on each side, by two dark red shapes, the left one of which is interrupted by the edge of the paper. The turquoise blue wavy structures bracket the top and bottom of the picture. The inner figures are not overly intricate, […]