Howling Wolf

I have fallen back into one of my earlier ways of painting: I make a mark or a stroke with my brush and then decide what to do next. Each mark I make inspires the next. My idea of the finish painting shifts as the marks and strokes progress. Sometimes I make a leap, that […]

My Concept of Cloud Formation

I planned to reverse the process of finding faces in clouds by creating faces and hiding them in my painted clouds. It’s harder than it seems. There are a couple of half-formed faces in this abstract, and plenty of half-formed clouds. It seems there is a cut-away, a cross section of a dark cloud that […]

Man and Music

The seed image for this experiment was a memory of my father playing the violin. Dad loved music. He would conduct the radio when the Saturday Texaco Metropolitan Opera with Milton Cross would come on; he would play the violin with passion and the piano…. well, he tried. Here is the first pass: It is […]

Cloud-Inspired Abstract

I began this experiment with my recent cloud watercolors in mind (Watercolor Clouds from Photograph, Watercolor Painting Process – Clouds).  However, instead of using gray-on-gray, I used two different colors. I laid down the dark red first. Then I used a diluted red and copied the dark contour, leaving a white gap.  I chose blue […]

First Foray with Compromised Materials

I decided to ease back into watercolor this year.  A while ago I poured some latex watercolor resist (frisket) onto a 12×16″ block of watercolor paper. On each occasion that I passed by the studio, I saw the frisket design and thought about how to develop it. On new year’s day I started painting.  When […]