Pen and Ink and Color

I started today’s square with a penciled free-form design. I hadn’t used pen and ink for a while, so instead of painting in the loops I inked them in using parallel lines of different orientations. I am reading about Willem de Kooning, who was constantly revising, scraping and repainting, as he worked on his canvases. I […]

Abstract – Observations: de Kooning

I anticipate a goldmine of information and inspiration from the book I am reading, Reductionism in Art and Science: Bridging Two Cultures, by Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel. He points out the similarities between the investigative methods of neuroscience and the experiments of the abstract artists of the ‘New York School’. This group of […]

Abbreviated Landscape

I knew that I wouldn’t have much time to paint today. We’re going down south tomorrow and I had a full day. Knowing this, before I started my chores, I sat down and thought about the essence of the landscapes I have been painting.  I’m not sure if all landscapes fit this formula, but mine […]

Figure Inspired by Klee’s “High Spirits”

Yesterday I introduced the idea of more than one point of interest in a composition. I referred to the late work of Paul Klee in light of two articles by David Sylvester reprinted as Late Klee, Klee I and Klee II (pages 35-47) in About Modern Art: Critical Essays 1948-1997 (Henry Holt and Company New York, 1997). […]

Points of Interest, After Klee

Paul Klee is one of my favorite artists. I found a couple of articles in David Sylvester’s book, About Modern Art: Critical Essays 1948-1997 (Henry Hold and Company, New York 1997) that have given me more insight into Klee’s later work (1937-1940).  Sylvester describes these compositions as pictures without a focal point. Sylvester references two works […]

When Robots Attack

“When Robots Attack” is the name of today’s composition, not a post mortem on mechanized warfare. I didn’t intend to paint the likeness of a robot. At the very least, after I painted a watery yellow and green orb, I thought I would use the drips to create tentacle-like projections. I used acrylic inks to enhance some of the drip tracings, […]