White Line Fascination

Looking through my photographic archives, I found that my fascination with white lines on the street dates back decades. I took the photograph below from the sidewalk atop the 59th Street Bridge, a link between Manhattan and Queens. Looking at this photo, I get a feeling of traveling back in time (well before the 1990s) […]


Below is an anonymous man hole cover, surrounded by interesting textures, shadows and lines. Perhaps my fascination with high-contrast, coarsely-grained comes from my nearsightedness. Before I got glasses, I could not get enough time with my toy binoculars. I would look everywhere and focused sharply on everything.  

Rorschach Shadows

At first glance, the most recognizable feature in this picture is the trailing foot of a walking person. If one squints one’s eyes and forgets this image is a photograph, the shadows take on an abstract quality. A shadow figure emerges. My interpretation of this non-symmetrical Rorschach-ish image is: a giant quail, facing right.  Remember, squint your […]

In Focus, East Side Dragon

I found another photo of the East Village Dragon. It is so much better than yesterday’s. My pen and ink extrapolation from that photo really missed the mark. Below is a detail of that photograph, in clear focus. The frieze, in context: My pen and ink rendition:

Coney Island Texture

I took this picture through the fence at Coney Island during the off season. There is fine texture on the fence post and links of the fence in the foreground, while the chain link fence as a whole, overlays a regular, course pattern on the scene. In optical terms, the photograph captures a wide range of […]

Doors to Delmonico’s

When I came across 23 Williams Street in Manhattan, I thought I was in a time warp. Was it the same Delmonico’s that Oscar Wilde raved about, pairing it with the Yosemite Valley as ‘two of the most remarkable bits of scenery in the States’?  Was it the same Delmonico’s that coaxed the home-bound detective Nero Wolfe from his West […]

Albion Books, Frontal View

Thank you for the encouraging complements about my photo and sketch of the book kiosk at Central Park in New York City in yesterday’s post.  Today I would like to add some context to that scene by revealing another shot I took that day. My pen and ink/watercolor rendition is below: My sketch is not as […]

Doors Live on

Below is a photo of one of the magnificent doorways to B. Altman on 34th Street in Manhattan, NY.  My mother used to go there when she went into ‘the city’. B. Altman is defunct but, at the time the photograph was taken (circa 1990), the doors opened into one of the new (at the time) […]