People Playing Cards or Having a Business Meeting

This is the first time in a while that I sketched across the fold in a journal. It is nice to work with a bigger format (twice the width of an individual page), but the division is a physical impediment to drawing. If the pencil approaches from one direction, it encounters a bump; the other […]


Had a scare today.  While I was at work when I got a call that our loved one’s (C’s) status had changed. She is in hospice care at home. When I got there, C’s breathing was very shallow. She wasn’t moving and did not respond beyond some slurred words, when questioned. Just yesterday was having a […]

Review #2 Photos of Mike

I began a photographic/journalistic record of my efforts to define my relationship with Mike, my older brother. This might sound odd to those of you just joining me on my blog, but Mike is autistic, low functioning and has never spoken. I never knew for sure if he knew that I was his brother. There […]

More Pedestrian Concerns

Getting more and more back to my pre-flu self. Did an errand today. While I was away, back in New Jersey, my wife, Joy (in California) told me that one of the warning lights came on in the car. It was only a reminder to change the oil, so I wasn’t too panicked. Since I was […]

Processing and Happy Birthday

Process prior to writing: Yesterday, I blogged about my mother’s 90th birthday party, the passage of time, and how things change. I alluded to a strange quality of my visit. I have found that it is nearly impossible to write well about things that I haven’t fully processed; this is particularly true about ongoing situations. Sometimes I need to […]

Painter’s Block?

I have posted daily watercolor experiments for quite a while now. Sometimes I get inspiration from a previous post. It becomes fodder for my next blog entry. However, I feel a bit lost today. Writing For more than a week, I have been writing in a disciplined manner: no less than 15 minute sessions, at […]


I may have been thinking too much lately. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while  know that I have been trying to find a visual way to express my ideas and feelings. When I began my blog, my mission was to talk about autism from a brother’s point of view, […]