AutismInspiredArt: Dream Image (2016)

This is a dream: a free form, autism inspired, abstract portrait that incorporates some features of my autistic brother. On a saturated color, yellow-to-orange gradient, the subject seems to be in repose and could be dreaming. This watercolor is available as a matted print on 140# acid-free paper, at my Etsy shop, AutismInspiredArt.

Mike-Related Watercolor: Dream Image (2016)

Mike is my older brother. He is low functioning, autistic and has never spoken. I don’t know if Mike knows that I am his brother. The watercolor/collage below is an image fragment from one of my dreams. Mike is my brother He has not spoken ever I dream about him

Walking Man on Divided Plinth

I dreamed old people were walking along, each with shoes that were attached to halves of a giant square.  I thought, in my sleeping mind, that these old folks needed their own private space and the special shoes were the means to that end. After making the picture below, I thought about that famous sculpture […]

Dream Image – Breathing Tube

The image below is my best recollection of some of the imagery in my dream the other day. I kept pulling and pulling this tube out of me. It had structure like a human trachea; the distal ends reminded me of celery stalks with curling ends. These coils were the alveoli that allow air to […]

Dream Image – Bumpy Hills

In one part of my dream last night, the landscape was dominated by very large, mounds. They reminded me of overturned ceramic tea strainer inserts, but in place of holes there were bumps. The surface had a matt, metallic finish, like raku. I climbed  atop one, and then I noticed huge military tanks getting ready […]

Dream Image – Killers

I dream repeatedly about a place where I formerly worked.  There were two buildings separated by a driveway that led to an open courtyard. In my dream there was a wall of ocean water between the buildings with killer whales thrashing about.