Monster Flatland Lines Sense Something In Their Path

I was surveying the goings on of Flatland below, and encountered these lines. It could have been one line folded in on itself or, more likely, two lines cooperating with each other. Whatever it was, it must have been hungry. I knew it could sense my presence, through gravitation or other invisible forces. It seemed […]

Red Head in the Rain

I began this study with free form strokes of my liquid latex frisket. The frisket resists watercolors and leaves paper white when removed. The frisket also does not allow permanent marker traces to bleed through. I used markers to cross hatch the area around the dried liquid latex, so the areas would be accentuated. Then I […]

One-Eyed Blob

I’m always on the alert for strange things out at night, especially when it’s my turn to take out the garbage.  I noticed this big eyeball. It was looking to the side thankfully, and not directly at me. I took the picture quickly and left. Later I explored the photograph more closely. Below is an […]

Fantastic Planet Monster

I painted today’s abstract the other day along. When I saw it again today, it reminded me of the scene from the movie, Forbidden Planet, where the monster shows up in all its animated splendor. However, my home-made monster was not dredged up from the dark reaches of my mind as Forbidden Planet’s was from the […]