Last Night’s Dream Image

I am grateful that I dream in vivid images.  It is difficult to transcribe the most simple images from my mind to paper. Since my dreams are immersive (that is, I feel that I am within a three-dimensional space), I must choose which part of my dream environment to portray. A photographer does the same thing when choosing how to frame an image in the view finder.

Last night’s dream was particularly difficult to picture:

I was watching a couple of people playing darts. The dart board was transparent as were the darts, which were actually clear plastic pens. I thought I could be very good at the game, as I envisioned throwing the darts straight and true in my dreaming mind’s eye. However, every time I threw a dart, it clattered to the floor.

Here is my dream image:

Watercolor: Dream Image

Transparent Pen Darts From My Dream
9″x6″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

If anyone has any ideas about sketching or painting invisible items, I am very interested in knowing.

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