Collections of Geometric Shapes in Flatland

Here are a number of different shaped creatures that may be found in Flatland. The rectangle on the left, may have had encounters with intrusive lines, as evidenced by the discolored scars on its body. The other blue rectangle may have just had a corner lopped off by a dangerous, sharp triangle. One can see […]

Abstract with Thick and Thin Lines

In today’s experiment, I used a combination of line-making techniques. I began with latex resist (frisket), that kept the pigments away from the paper, allowing the formation of white lines. After applying the first set of colors, primarily Prussian blue and quinacridone burnt orange, I removed the mask and added a second one. Depending on […]

Shapes – Follow Up

It is really hard to guide a pencil point along a simple contour that represents what one’s mind sees. The studies below are an extension of yesterday’s study of shapes. In my first drawing I used ovals to draw a complete figure. I used two lines for the sketch below. The subject is the same as […]


Emergency Room again today.  Not sure how the shapes below relate to the visit, but this is my art at the end of the day. Here is my own word cloud for this study: body shapes, disproportionate, disconnected, big head, keeping it together, tension, relaxed, empty, full, what is wrong. After cropping this image in Photoshop, […]

Abstract 031316

I began this watercolor by using latex resist to paint a long shape flanked by small dots. After that dried I applied a graded dark blue wash (indanthrone blue). I tilted the paper up so that rivulets of blue would leak from darker to lighter areas. After that dried I applied an orange yellow (English yellow) wash from […]

Back Yard

I’m taking a break from family portraits (see Once More with Feeling, Family, Holding Hand). Although I’m not one to forego repetition, now and then a change of pace is welcome. Today’s experiment: I mentioned in another post that I like to go on the porch and read in the morning. There is a big […]