Abstract with Thick and Thin Lines

In today’s experiment, I used a combination of line-making techniques. I began with latex resist (frisket), that kept the pigments away from the paper, allowing the formation of white lines. After applying the first set of colors, primarily Prussian blue and quinacridone burnt orange, I removed the mask and added a second one. Depending on the underlying colors, the second mask would reveal different, or multi-colored lines, after removal. At the bottom left corner, I used compressed air to move the liquid latex around. This would become a negative space after I painted around the edges of the mask. I created a positive space on the right corner by moving the same color (as on the left corner) directly, with the compressed air.

I used thick ink lines for the stair steps and pentagonal shape; medium lines to outline some of the blue-surrounded white shapes; thin lines directly adjacent to some of the white shapes.

Watercolor: Abstract - Thick and Thin Lines 062617

Abstract with Thick and Thin Lines
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I like the action in this piece. In future work, I would like to pay more attention to figures such as the black-outlined blue and white shapes.

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