No Respect

I’m reading The Art of Cézanne by Albert C. Barnes and Violette de Mazia.* This is their introduction to Cézanne’s work in the first paragraph of chapter 1: “To the uninitiated, Cézanne’s paintings seem strange to the point of bizarreness, alien to all the traditions of painting; but to the student who has grasped the essential nature of […]

Back Yard

I’m taking a break from family portraits (see Once More with Feeling, Family, Holding Hand). Although I’m not one to forego repetition, now and then a change of pace is welcome. Today’s experiment: I mentioned in another post that I like to go on the porch and read in the morning. There is a big […]

Geometric and Pictorial Elements

It is fascinating to read about Klee’s approach to his art. It is daunting, however, to read his own explanations. I checked his Pedagogical Sketchbook out of the library. I imagine that this would have been a great auxiliary text to the students at the Bauhaus, where he taught. I’m sure the students had the […]