Mike-Related Watercolor: Abstracted Mike (2016)

The past couple of years have enveloped me in a strange web: loss of a loved one; COVID isolation; loss of place, having relocated twice; and change in self identity as I am about to enter my 7th decade. I show the image below as one of a series of abstract portraits of Mike, who, […]

Artist-Inspired Watercolors: Abstract – After Reading About Matisse (2017)

The subject matter for the watercolor below comes from my experience with my older brother Michael. He is nonverbal, low functioning and autistic. He used to hit himself when he became frustrated. I don’t recall the specific ideas behind the creation of this study, but it was somehow a combination of Matisse’s colors and my […]

Window to Mountains

This is the view from our window. Matisse and Diebenkorn painted a number of works that juxtaposed inside and outside light. Their paintings inspired this study. I am working with a limited palette at the moment. Most of the coloration was not exactly what I had in mind, but it seemed to work out pretty […]

Inspired by Matisse

I started reading more about Matisse. I am reading Matisse in Morocco, at the moment. Many European artists visited North Africa during Matisse’s time.  The light in this equatorial region of the world must have been quite a change from that of the more northern latitudes. Matisse seemed to be fascinated by the Arabic influence […]