I let my pencil point out for a walk today. I admit I had a plan about which areas of the paper it should traverse, based on my work of the past couple of days (Motor Tic, Planes of Unreality, Abstract Double Portrait). I wanted the terrain to include hands and  brains, particularly my brain […]

Self Portrait in Three Quarters

Another self portrait influenced by Alexej Jawlensky. This time, I used a 3/4 view of my face and, with my limited understanding of cubistic division of space, decided to paint the shadow in a flat, dark blue. The result is two portraits: the painting as a whole, a 3/4 view; and the silhouette of the […]

Busy Day

Today was busy. I followed my brother Dave around to multiple appointments to make arrangements for Mom’s funeral.He did all the work. I’m very proud of my brother. Mom just turned 90 years of age less than two weeks ago. She was bright and alert at her party, but the day I left to return […]

Mysterious Island

It took me a little while to get back to doing my watercolor studies, after visiting the kids last week. I just got the studio back in order, unpacked, put everything away and…  no ideas. Today’s watercolor experiment: I was flipping through a watercolor magazine and saw a poor reproduction of a painting by J.M.W. […]

This Sky’s Crazy

Today’s watercolor experiment: Inspiration: Joy showed me the sky this morning. There were yellows and reds on the bottom of gray clouds. The photo does not do this sunrise justice. So I had my goal for today. Red and yellows to gray. Instead of starting out with my good paper, I decided to see how my different […]

Great Minds

For the past few weeks I have painted abstract watercolor studies. Other than my ‘brain series’ (Brain Teasers, Compartmentalization, Untitled, Brain Abstract), where I began with the notion of representing the anatomy of the brain, my usual strategy would be to apply a brush loaded with paint to a wet piece of watercolor paper and see what image or idea would […]

Traveling Case

With great displacement comes great responsibility – to coin a phrase. I haven’t painted that much recently. Since Joy and I relocated to a relative’s house, it hasn’t been my top priority, nor do I have a regular place to paint. When I do paint, I check to make sure I’m not in the way; I […]

Stuck on Klee

I made a bit of progress with the leaf study originally suggested by Paul Klee in an assignment to his Bauhaus students. The exercise was to develop a fictitious leaf based on rules he outlined in his text. I started another one on my drawing board, with the idea of applying different rules. For example: 1) instead […]

Same Fruit Different Day

I ended yesterdays post with a critique of my Apples and Oranges still life. I didn’t think there was sufficient change from brightest bright to darkest dark, that is, not enough change in tonal values. I didn’t want to attempt to fix that for fear that I would muck it up and have nothing worth […]