I let my pencil point out for a walk today. I admit I had a plan about which areas of the paper it should traverse, based on my work of the past couple of days (Motor Tic, Planes of Unreality, Abstract Double Portrait). I wanted the terrain to include hands and  brains, particularly my brain […]

Self Portrait in Three Quarters

Another self portrait influenced by Alexej Jawlensky. This time, I used a 3/4 view of my face and, with my limited understanding of cubistic division of space, decided to paint the shadow in a flat, dark blue. The result is two portraits: the painting as a whole, a 3/4 view; and the silhouette of the […]

Busy Day

Today was busy. I followed my brother Dave around to multiple appointments to make arrangements for Mom’s funeral.He did all the work. I’m very proud of my brother. Mom just turned 90 years of age less than two weeks ago. She was bright and alert at her party, but the day I left to return […]