Sketch Book Series: ER Hallway (January 2010)

This sketch is a panoramic view inside an emergency room, looking toward the ambulance entrance. The towel dispenser at the far right of the drawing is a bit jarring. These elements don’t really fit with the look down the hall. As usual, I was looking to fill the time while was waiting.

Fellow Waiter

When we first got to the waiting area, this lady was the only one in our section. This sizable seating venue was a staging area: patients were called away for one test, then another; in between they assumed their perch (if still available) and wait for the ultimate call, the call from the person who […]

One Step Removed

With time, an event fades into the distance. A full sensory experience is abbreviated to important points that stick in the memory. With sketching and painting, one can replicate those memories or fabricate another meaning. In fact, dozens of meanings could be applied to the same event depending on the artist’s imagination.  Here is one […]


Yet another day in thrall of medical services. Successful visit to radiation therapy ended in a fall at home. A previous sprain, the cause of an earlier emergency room (ER) visit, is now a fracture. Yet another ambulance trip to the ER. The curves in the study below are fractured by fault lines. Everything is […]


Emergency Room again today.  Not sure how the shapes below relate to the visit, but this is my art at the end of the day. Here is my own word cloud for this study: body shapes, disproportionate, disconnected, big head, keeping it together, tension, relaxed, empty, full, what is wrong. After cropping this image in Photoshop, […]

Shattered Space

Spent the day in the Emergency Room as an advocate for a family member. Lots of pain in there, physical and emotional. One can only sympathize with those in pain. Empathy, to feel what another person feels, is impossible. Physical pain is a private, unsharable phenomenon. One can only understand it when one has it. There […]

Back on Kilter – Sort Of

I wasn’t able to post any more today as I promised (see Off Kilter) (‘today’ being yesterday, as I write my posts and schedule for midnight). We got home from hospital late. There was good news: they found out what my wife’s problem wasn’t; and bad news: they don’t know what her problem was. I guess […]

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