Emergency Room again today.  Not sure how the shapes below relate to the visit, but this is my art at the end of the day. Here is my own word cloud for this study: body shapes, disproportionate, disconnected, big head, keeping it together, tension, relaxed, empty, full, what is wrong.

Watercolor : Flesh-Colored Shapes with White Background

12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

After cropping this image in Photoshop, I wanted to see the result of applying automatic tone adjustment to my composition. I was surprised at the outcome, which seemed to bring the forms to life.

Watercolor : Flesh-Colored Shapes with Green-White Background

Shapes with Automatic Tone Adjustment

It would be worth my while to continue working on this collection of shapes. Perhaps I should begin a series of compositions in this vein.

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