Rectilinear Beginnings

Looking from left to right, one sees parallel lines and right-angle corners. As we get into the white field, the black horizontal line turns into a blue/white interface and starts to sag. In the blue field, there is a white dot and a larger black one. One could say that the right hand side of […]

Lines Part 2

I added sfumato to yesterday’s skeleton of lines, theoretically combining Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo’s choices in painting: soft, gradual changes in tone, with no outlines of Leonardo, and definite outlines of Michelangelo. There is an inside-out character to this part of the study compared with the initial stage:

Lines Part 1

I never realized that Leonardo DaVinci (L) and Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (aka Michelangelo (M)) knew each other. They didn’t get along too well, apparently. From what I’ve read, I would rather have known Leonardo. He was so curious about everything. Michelangelo was more competitive and a bit of a snarky fellow.* L and […]


The biography of Leonardo DaVinci that I am reading, has a passage that tells about his revelation that there are no lines in nature. Leonardo explained that there is an “infinite gradation of shades and blending of them, which does not allow precise borders.”*  Apparently, Leonardo studied and wrote quite a bit about shadows and […]

Double Arrow

Although one might think photographing parking lot terrain is monotonous, there is always something new to see.  The thin, man-made arrows (as opposed to the machine-applied parking space lines) might be a code that indicates an alteration to existing parking lot ‘lineage’ [rhymes with ‘signage’]. Perhaps the change was a transition from angled parking to […]

Line Fantasy

Here is my rendition of line segments that could be found on the surface of a parking lot. I’ve seen red lines that delineate fire zones, or on curbs that interface between sidewalk and parking lot; blue lines that are usually found in handicapped spaces. yellow lines that divide one lane of traffic from another. […]

Three-Dimensional Line

I’ve been photographing blue and white lines in local parking lots (in the US) under different conditions. Some of them are in pristine condition (Brand New Paint Job), some are in a state of demise (Derelict Parking Lot), I’ve zoomed in on some to show the effect of weather on the outdoor paint (Parking Lot […]


This photo, cropped from the full frame shows the parking lot lines forming an obtuse angle.  When lines intersect, the presence of an obtuse angle means that an acute angle also exists. The obtuse angle is prominent, pointing toward the red line stenciled with the word ‘parking’. This line actually indicates a fire zone.