Temp and Handicap Curbs

I like juxtapositions and, visiting a new parking lot, I found an interesting combination I hadn’t seen before: the green curb that indicates short-term (i.e., 10-30 minute) parking directly abutting a blue curb that defines a handicapped parking place.


I finished the biography of Leonardo DaVinci this morning. The lesson I learned from this book of more than 500 pages is: Be curious about everything. I learned this early in life thanks to my father. He was a theoretical physicist who knew a great deal about nature. He was a ‘natural philosopher’, an old […]

Street-Hole Cover at Night

I’m not sure what this iron cover is protecting. I wouldn’t call it a manhole cover, as it is only 12-18 inches in diameter. Also, it is in a parking lot. Maybe it is a drain from one of the restaurants. I like the reflection of the yellow street lights.

Red Curb, No Shadow

Here is another shot of the curb that my friend Claudia McGill calls “the gift that keeps on giving.” There are no shadows, due to the overcast sky. It is rather drab compared with the other photos I’ve taken of the same scene: Same Shot Different Day and Night Shot: Red Curb.  

Speed Bump in Daylight

This shot shows maximal contrast to the speed bump bathed in the yellow light of parking lot night time (see Yellow Light at Night). The colors are bold and have no discernible color cast. Perhaps there is an element of reflected blue from the sky, but I don’t notice it. Leonardo daVinci would have noticed […]

Speed Bump with Divot

The ‘bump’ part of the portion of the speed bump pictured below is flattened out by my vantage point directly above. I am looking forward to returning to this scene when the yellow ambient light shines at night. Will keep you posted.

Yellow Light at Night

I could not avoid the yellow light. It was beaming from a pole directly above my subject, that being a speed bump and a red curb. Photo editing can do wonders for color correction, but the uncorrected photo below is the way I remember the scene. Everything glowed with yellow.