Hotel Lighting

I saw this lamp from across the room. The light and the shadow it cast caused me to snap the shutter for today’s photograph. I adjusted the focal length of the camera to re-frame the light source amidst the intervening structures. Thus, this photo is not just about the light, but about the rectangular areas […]

Ink Lines and Angles

I had fun at the drafting table today, drawing lines with my dip pen. It is tricky drawing with a nib dipped in ink. But I have a special straight edge, in the form of a triangle that has edges curved underneath so the ink does not infiltrate between the triangle and the paper.  However, the […]

Phone Booth

There was a time when people would have to find a telephone, attached by wires to Ma Bell’s network, if they wished to talk with someone far away. In fact, utility poles were called ‘telephone poles’, once upon a time, because they carried the wires, upon which telephone conversations were conducted. During my wanderings today, […]

Zig Zag and Green Spot

I’m always on the lookout for texture, line and design. I found some of that the other day, with this portion of a fence that I photographed. There is depth in this photo, as one can see from the shadows. There are zigs provided by the thin lattice boards in the upper right, and zags […]

Abstract with Curlicues 062717

Today’s composition began with the stair-step lines. In some of Paul Klee’s work, he uses this form as the border of a shading gradient that appears to be air-brushed. I shaded some of the stair steps and other border shapes with a rusty red, which had the effect of projecting these shapes forward. I used […]

Re-entry or Fiery Shield

My original idea for this composition was to combine a portrait with the shape of a shield. However, I could not see a clear way to accomplish that goal. Therefore this composition shows a shield in action, protecting the unseen from damage coming at it from all sides. It could also be a heat shield […]

Light Pole

I was on break, yet again today. I wandered to the warehouse wall that is a palette for the afternoon sun. This time the light pole shadow (from the same pole that wanted to be a tree, from the other day) barely reached the wall. The diagonal slats are framed by the construction elements of the […]

Transparent Iron

I began today’s watercolor by stomping my 1″ hake brush all around my dry watercolor paper. But first I loaded it with transparent red iron, an earth tone. I liked the splashes, but some of their traces did not survive the subsequent steps in my design. After the blots dried, I glazed some areas with Prussian blue, a […]

Possibility Finalized

The myriad of possibilities opened with yesterday’s post, condensed today with the completion of my watercolor.  I decided to try my hand at a campfire, since I could imagine it filling up the spaces I left vacant. I created the space that reflected the fire light with the underlying quinacridone nickel and dabbed in shadow […]


I never realized how crazy the world of retail was until now. Last year I was worked very few hours, as I was inexperienced. But now that I know what I’m doing, I work a lot more and, this time of year, the store is open even longer than usual.  How is this relevant to […]