The mass of color in this composition is concentrated at dead center. It is surrounded by elaborated parentheses that separate the blues from the outer reds. Surrounding the dark outlines is a virtually concentric lighter outline. The dark line protruding from the bottom of the central figure is also a balance point. Normally, I like […]

The Muses

Musical notation is written on paper that has rows of grouped parallel lines. Five lines in each group. A spot (which may or may not have a staff) on a line is a note whose duration depends upon whether it is hollow, its grouping with other spots and the number of flags on its staff. […]

Parking Lot Photography

The grey, backwards ‘7’, in this segment of parking lot lines appears to be a correction, a connection between the discontinuous white lines. Irrespective of the line colors, I like the design: the wide lines as well as the space between. The red curve and dark grey shadows from the trees above add interest to […]

Hotel Lighting

I saw this lamp from across the room. The light and the shadow it cast caused me to snap the shutter for today’s photograph. I adjusted the focal length of the camera to re-frame the light source amidst the intervening structures. Thus, this photo is not just about the light, but about the rectangular areas […]

Ink Lines and Angles

I had fun at the drafting table today, drawing lines with my dip pen. It is tricky drawing with a nib dipped in ink. But I have a special straight edge, in the form of a triangle that has edges curved underneath so the ink does not infiltrate between the triangle and the paper.  However, the […]

Phone Booth

There was a time when people would have to find a telephone, attached by wires to Ma Bell’s network, if they wished to talk with someone far away. In fact, utility poles were called ‘telephone poles’, once upon a time, because they carried the wires, upon which telephone conversations were conducted. During my wanderings today, […]

Zig Zag and Green Spot

I’m always on the lookout for texture, line and design. I found some of that the other day, with this portion of a fence that I photographed. There is depth in this photo, as one can see from the shadows. There are zigs provided by the thin lattice boards in the upper right, and zags […]

Abstract with Curlicues 062717

Today’s composition began with the stair-step lines. In some of Paul Klee’s work, he uses this form as the border of a shading gradient that appears to be air-brushed. I shaded some of the stair steps and other border shapes with a rusty red, which had the effect of projecting these shapes forward. I used […]

Re-entry or Fiery Shield

My original idea for this composition was to combine a portrait with the shape of a shield. However, I could not see a clear way to accomplish that goal. Therefore this composition shows a shield in action, protecting the unseen from damage coming at it from all sides. It could also be a heat shield […]

Light Pole

I was on break, yet again today. I wandered to the warehouse wall that is a palette for the afternoon sun. This time the light pole shadow (from the same pole that wanted to be a tree, from the other day) barely reached the wall. The diagonal slats are framed by the construction elements of the […]