Study Group in the Rough

I normally carry a pencil sharpener with me when I know I’m going to sketch. It usually isn’t necessary since my drawing implements are nicely pointed most of the time. Imagine my dismay when I sat down to make a group portrait and discovered that the point of my pencil was gone! It looked like […]

Man, Child and Woman Waiting Transiently

I began by sketching the man, who remained in place the longest. I wanted to sketch the little boy who was next to him for a while, but alas, his mom whisked him off before I could even get a decent outline. The woman was a little less transient, but she too decided to take […]

Child with Sisters and Mother

Circumstances presented another chance for me to sketch a child with family (see Woman and Child).  This drawing is a little more readable than the last one, giving the viewer a much easier time to apprehend the contents. The fact that the figure on the right is incomplete stems from the fact that my break […]