The mass of color in this composition is concentrated at dead center. It is surrounded by elaborated parentheses that separate the blues from the outer reds. Surrounding the dark outlines is a virtually concentric lighter outline. The dark line protruding from the bottom of the central figure is also a balance point. Normally, I like […]

Corot-Like Composition

Today’s watercolor experiment: Following my warmup exercise (Warmup and New Brushes), I painted a full size (9″x12″) painting in the style of Corot. One of the authors of the Tate Watercolor Manual*, Tony Smibert, inspired today’s experiment with his 2005 composition ‘After Corot’. I used the same color scheme as in my warmup exercise: burnt […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: I am working with the Tate Watercolour Manual today, as I have been for the past several weeks. I expanded my work from the smaller panels in my warmup exercise (see Lesson 12) to reproduce one of the exercises in the book onto larger paper (9″x12″). The composition today was inspired by […]