OtherArtByJack: Uptown Doors and Standpipe (2016)

I love all the different doors I used to see during my walks in New York City. This is a print of a pen and ink sketch I did of the cityscape on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. There was a bright red standpipe sitting off to the side, which I just had to […]

Sketch Book Series: Waiting Room (2009-2012)

I found a sketchbook of mine with mostly undated sketches. I do know that I used this book between 2009 and 2012. I remember trying to draw every leaf, at this point in my sketching practice. I also concentrated on getting proportions correct. I found that, in attempting to draw every leaf, several things would […]

Mike Sketch Series: Mike Wearing Vest October 1993

The photo for this sketch had a good range of tones. However, I chose to use a brush-tipped ink pen for this portrait. Perhaps a smaller tip would be better if I were to replicate the tones from the photo. My brother Mike‘s eyes diverge. Sometimes he looks with one, sometimes with the other.

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