Study Group with Girl in Sock Hat and Braids

This is a motley group of students (according to my blind-drawn rendering). The two young women are the most realistic, while the outline of their male does not resemble its subject in any way. There is a sense of ambiguity about this grouping of figures.

Night Shot: Red Curb

Could the picture below have been taken during the day in golden sunshine? Was it taken in ambient night lighting? Could my camera have taken liberties with the coloration of this scene? I did not make any adjustments before or after I snapped the shutter, and yet the time of day is ambiguous. I actually […]

Untitled 010317

Using the same palette as yesterday, and the same stabbing brush strokes, I created the watercolor below. My friend Kerfe (of method two madness) kindly pointed out the ambiguity in yesterday’s watercolor. I am pleased about this because a painting or any work of art is not just the output of the artist; the viewer has […]

Animal or Vegetable

Yesterday I began with two line forms canted toward each other. I thought it would be interesting to try the same thing with curved lines.  I also replaced the arcs that hugged the straight lines in yesterday’s study, with triangles surrounding the arched lines in today’s design. True to form, I had an unfortunate incident […]


I love signs. There are signs that are ambiguous, but state their meaning in no uncertain terms: There are signs that express frustration: Today I saw another sign. It struck me as ironic. The sign, when read in its entirety advises, its readers of their right to not be deterred from shopping, presumably by people asking […]