Leaves and Lasagna

I began this study as an abstract of the leaves from the same tree whose texture I studied.  I began this before I started a new recipe for vegetable lasagna. I cut a lot of Swiss chard. Some of the chard had red stems and veins.  I do not usually cook, so the preparation of […]

Leaf or Trees?

The work of Richard Diebenkorn was in the back of my mind today. I have been reading about his Ocean Park series. Everything about my paintings is different than his. He worked in oils, I work in watercolor; he worked on canvases on the order of 8×10 feet, I work on paper of 9×12 inches; […]

Leaves – Sketch

Today’s watercolor is a departure from my recent spate of abstracts. The other day, as I was coming up the walk, something caught my eye. It was the color and arrangement of shapes on the ground. Two leaves were partially entwined. There were some interesting and subtle colors and shadows that I thought I could […]

Nespol-Leaf Salad

The nespoli (also known as loquats) are still hanging around on the tree, although there are a significant number on the ground. Some of them on the tree have been eaten away by birds. Squirrels like them too, but I haven’t seen them around. I took some more pictures, this time concentrating on the leaves. […]


When I have no dream images to figure out how to paint, when I have to change my subject matter to portray because it has become too emotionally difficult to handle (my autistic brother Mike), I don’t know to paint. I need to paint. I found a solution today. Today’s watercolor experiment: I am attracted to visually […]

Crispy Leaves

You may have heard about the drought in California. It has been warm, and it only rains now and then. I’ve noticed that the leaves from the magnolia (or whatever that tree is out front, with the white flowers), are on the ground. They are a wonderful golden brown color – from this artist’s point […]