Made-Up Art

There is art all around us. I’m always on the lookout for interesting visuals. The photograph below is another in my series of ‘street art’, pictures of the pavement adorned with paint. This one is more curb than street. Its scope is wider than just macadam and concrete. It includes dried leaves and a sprinkler […]


I have always been attracted to textures. I never realized that painted lines on the street of in the parking lot could be so…  thick.  Once I thought I saw lines being sprayed on the street. I suppose that the workmen could use a paint brush if need be. How else could this vertex have […]

Pavement Lines

I’m not sure that the photograph below is recognizable as the deteriorating lines painted in a parking lot. To me, it seems the only possibility. Could one see it as an abstract composition?  Probably it could, to someone who has not looked at parking lot lines very closely.  

Octagonal Place Mats

As a child, I always liked playing with blocks. Something about fitting wooden squares and triangles together appealed to me. That tendency is still with me, apparently. While my wife and I were waiting for our food to arrive, I fit two of the eight-sided place mats together. The woven patterns matched pretty closely where […]