Light Cover

I saw this metal plate on the sidewalk the other day. The oblong cut-out covered a light bulb. I didn’t look closely, but there must have been a reflector or a lens to focus or direct the light to its intended target. I must make a point to go back at night, when it is […]

Parking Lot Lines at Night

Light at night is not natural. Photographing incandescent, fluorescent, mercury vapor, neon and other kinds of lamps at night, leave a multitude of different colors on film. The subject of today’s photo is illuminated by artificial lights of the night. The night lighting reflected off the subject result in a flat, dull uniformly lit pattern. The […]

Ramp and Tread

I like this color combination and the arrangement of the rectangles that comprise the visual elements of this photo. Through the lens of my camera, I’ve been editing the views of pavement for a long time. I realize that some of my photos could be blueprints for wonderful abstract paintings. Looking at the photo below, […]

Paint Chipping

The side of this garage was one big paint chipping paradise. Fortunately, there was enough flaking at eye level for me to square-up a nice sample of the expanse. This is the vertical equivalent to my parking-lot line series (e.g. Aging Parking Lot Segment, NO PAR KING, Rare Yellow, Derelict Parking Lot). I suspect the […]

Stone Treads

I remember tripping on pavement squares that have been raised by tree roots expanding underneath them. Some time later the offending edges were spray painted bright red; shortly thereafter the edges were ground smooth with each other. No more tripping hazard. Below is an intersection between several sidewalk sections. Something about the arrangement must have […]

Bark and Texture

A few days ago I did a pen and ink texture study of a very interesting tree I came upon, on one of my walks (see Photo for Texture Study Post).  I could not enlarge that photo to capture more fine texture. The photograph below, another picture taken closer to the tree bark, will be […]

Black on Black

I am a street photographer in the sense that I frequently photograph pavements. Many of my parking lot photographs have been in service of exploring the state of handicapped spaces. Some of these spaces retire from handicapped status to join the ranks of regular parking spots. These are painted over (although usually not completely). I […]