Parking Lot Patterns with Pole

On my way to lunch, I passed a desiccated section of a parking lot. Paint was dried and chipped, especially on the yellow tapered curb that echoes the slope of the handicapped ramp and borders the red, rubberized mat. There is a pole that juts out and reaches the plane at which the camera snapped […]

80 Yellow Dots

I have visited one newly refurbished parking lot several times in the past few weeks. The newly painted lines, concrete surface and rubberized pedestrian safety mats offer me, as a street photographer, the opportunity to design interesting photographs. The proximity and arrangement of these parking lot constituents, as I framed them, became geometric visual elements […]

Two-Toned Spacer

I stumbled on this parking lot space delimiter by accident the other day. It was separating a handicapped space from an area reserved for low-emission vehicles. It was very thoughtful of the designer to specify two colors: blue for handicapped and white for fuel efficiency. This would give poor parkers (see Poor Parkers post) an […]

Parking Lot Spacer at Night

This inverted ‘U’ shape is a portion of a divider between parking spaces at my second most frequented parking lot. I like this kind of spacer better than the single lines that delineate spaces for cars.  Being outside the limits of this double-lined spacer is assurance that one is parked correctly. One cannot be sure […]

Same Shot, Different Day

This is my red-curbed corner at night… in the rain.  It is quite different from my other night shot. In the picture below, it really looks like nighttime. The ground is dark, the red is not the bright red of daytime. I venture to say that even if the brilliant white car headlight did not […]

Double Arrow

Although one might think photographing parking lot terrain is monotonous, there is always something new to see.  The thin, man-made arrows (as opposed to the machine-applied parking space lines) might be a code that indicates an alteration to existing parking lot ‘lineage’ [rhymes with ‘signage’]. Perhaps the change was a transition from angled parking to […]

Night Shot: Red Curb

Could the picture below have been taken during the day in golden sunshine? Was it taken in ambient night lighting? Could my camera have taken liberties with the coloration of this scene? I did not make any adjustments before or after I snapped the shutter, and yet the time of day is ambiguous. I actually […]

Speed Bump in Daylight

This shot shows maximal contrast to the speed bump bathed in the yellow light of parking lot night time (see Yellow Light at Night). The colors are bold and have no discernible color cast. Perhaps there is an element of reflected blue from the sky, but I don’t notice it. Leonardo daVinci would have noticed […]