AutismInspiredArt: Mask (2014)

This portrait shows the mystery behind each face. Autistic people don’t have masks, however a mystery persists. A print of this watercolor is available on my Etsy shop: AutismInspiredArt.

Creepy Mask

The point of my study today was to darken and lighted a pigment with blacks and whites to change its shading and perhaps generate a three-dimensional effect. In the figure to the left, I made a transition from light blue (blue + white) to very dark blue (blue + black). From the darkest blue, I […]


I don’t remember exactly what my thoughts were when I started this composition. Tears were a part of it. I’m sure of that, but I don’t know why exactly. After the initial design, I concentrated on balancing the colors with their complement, without imbuing any further meaning to the work.  

Abstract – Mask

For today’s study I mixed a solution of quinacridone burnt orange and another of turquoise. I find it much easier to have a lot of liquid pigment at my disposal, especially for washes. However, I began by painting narrow traces of burnt orange (without plan). I abutted fields of turquoise against the orange for maximal contrast. […]

Yellow Orange Gray

I began with dry paper and a brush loaded with Payne’s gray. I laid down gray squiggles, ending with a diagonal stroke from lower left to upper right. Somehow the gray foreground suggested a yellow background. I used Indian yellow (a pigment tinted toward the orange part of the spectrum) to color in the more […]


Todays other watercolor experiment: After my watercolor warmup today, see Scales post, I wanted to do something creative.  I used a stiff-bristle brush to paint a quick, angular, dry brush stroke that I usually use to represent an eyebrow and nose of a face. I used Hooker’s green.  As I had some cobalt blue at […]

Brother Mask

Today’s watercolor experiment: I have been gradually abstracting more and more from an original grainy photograph of my older brother Mike (see Mike Crying). Mike is very low functioning, autistic and nonverbal. I have never been able to contact him in any meaningful way. If there is a connection it is on a subliminal or unconscious […]

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