Creepy Mask

The point of my study today was to darken and lighted a pigment with blacks and whites to change its shading and perhaps generate a three-dimensional effect. In the figure to the left, I made a transition from light blue (blue + white) to very dark blue (blue + black). From the darkest blue, I […]


I don’t remember exactly what my thoughts were when I started this composition. Tears were a part of it. I’m sure of that, but I don’t know why exactly. After the initial design, I concentrated on balancing the colors with their complement, without imbuing any further meaning to the work.  

Abstract – Mask

For today’s study I mixed a solution of quinacridone burnt orange and another of turquoise. I find it much easier to have a lot of liquid pigment at my disposal, especially for washes. However, I began by painting narrow traces of burnt orange (without plan). I abutted fields of turquoise against the orange for maximal contrast. […]

Yellow Orange Gray

I began with dry paper and a brush loaded with Payne’s gray. I laid down gray squiggles, ending with a diagonal stroke from lower left to upper right. Somehow the gray foreground suggested a yellow background. I used Indian yellow (a pigment tinted toward the orange part of the spectrum) to color in the more […]


Todays other watercolor experiment: After my watercolor warmup today, see Scales post, I wanted to do something creative.  I used a stiff-bristle brush to paint a quick, angular, dry brush stroke that I usually use to represent an eyebrow and nose of a face. I used Hooker’s green.  As I had some cobalt blue at […]

Brother Mask

Today’s watercolor experiment: I have been gradually abstracting more and more from an original grainy photograph of my older brother Mike (see Mike Crying). Mike is very low functioning, autistic and nonverbal. I have never been able to contact him in any meaningful way. If there is a connection it is on a subliminal or unconscious […]

Double Mask

Today’s watercolor experiment: I started today’s experiment with latex resist. The idea in mind was a reverse portrait with the features in white and the background, a dark color. Then it occurred to me that I could keep the face I drew in latex and superimpose another face with paint. I painted a stylized nose […]

Another Mask

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday’s mask was a little ambiguous to my eyes. I wanted to create a face that was an amalgam of my brother Mike and me. Mike, my brother, is autistic, very low functioning and has never spoken. That mask didn’t quite fuse my features with my brother’s. I met with more success today. I see […]