Giant Bee Getting Pollen Shower from Passionfruit

This bee was as big as the flower! It could barely fit under the passionfruit flower pollen shower head. And it was just coated with yellow powder. (Compare the size of this bee to the one pictured here: This is How a Bee Approaches a Passionfruit Flower.) Here is a side view of these pollen […]

Rejuvenated Lemon Tree

A couple of years ago, the lemon tree in the back yard had to be pruned back. It was: to the stump!  Now it’s back, courtesy of a side branch or two that emanated from ground level. It is about 15-20 feet tall now and is well armed with thorns that will go through your […]

Passion Fruit Revisited

The passion fruit vine strangling the Japanese maple tree (see Mystery Flower) is a short distance from my house. The other day, the normal, green hue of the bushy vine was dotted with orange. On closer inspection, I saw that some of the fruit that had been green, were now orange. Here are a couple […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mystery Leaf, Another View

Thus far, there was only one suggestion for a name for my mystery leaf of the other day. Thanks to Liz for the suggestion of nonogamboge, of the genus nonogambogia.  Here is a picture of a different plant of the same species. I hope some of my botanical friends might have some suggestions.  Thanks.

Peripatetic Rest Stop

I often read in the morning when I get up. At this time of year, it gets very hot at mid-day, but it is nice to go out on the porch at 7:30 or 8:00, look at the birds, drink my coffee and read. Yesterday, in addition to watching the birds, I had a real […]

Geometry, Art and Nature

I have been playing with a compass and straight edge lately. It is relaxing and at the same time, thought provoking.  I was inspired by Paul Klee‘s work, even though it seems that his credo of ‘taking a line for a walk’ doesn’t seem to mesh with the strictures of the compass and straight edge. […]

Geometric and Pictorial Elements

It is fascinating to read about Klee’s approach to his art. It is daunting, however, to read his own explanations. I checked his Pedagogical Sketchbook out of the library. I imagine that this would have been a great auxiliary text to the students at the Bauhaus, where he taught. I’m sure the students had the […]