Street-Hole Cover at Night

I’m not sure what this iron cover is protecting. I wouldn’t call it a manhole cover, as it is only 12-18 inches in diameter. Also, it is in a parking lot. Maybe it is a drain from one of the restaurants. I like the reflection of the yellow street lights.

Night Shot: Red Curb

Could the picture below have been taken during the day in golden sunshine? Was it taken in ambient night lighting? Could my camera have taken liberties with the coloration of this scene? I did not make any adjustments before or after I snapped the shutter, and yet the time of day is ambiguous. I actually […]

Yellow Light at Night

I could not avoid the yellow light. It was beaming from a pole directly above my subject, that being a speed bump and a red curb. Photo editing can do wonders for color correction, but the uncorrected photo below is the way I remember the scene. Everything glowed with yellow.