Blue, Purple Spots and Q Nickel

I’ve been reading quite a bit about Action Painting and Color Field Painting in relation to the mechanics of visual perception in the human brain.  Eric Kandel’s book Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging the Two Cultures tells this fascinating story. As I understand it, the concept underlying both Action Painting (as in the paintings […]

Untitled 010317

Using the same palette as yesterday, and the same stabbing brush strokes, I created the watercolor below. My friend Kerfe (of method two madness) kindly pointed out the ambiguity in yesterday’s watercolor. I am pleased about this because a painting or any work of art is not just the output of the artist; the viewer has […]

Abstract – Observations: de Kooning

I anticipate a goldmine of information and inspiration from the book I am reading, Reductionism in Art and Science: Bridging Two Cultures, by Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel. He points out the similarities between the investigative methods of neuroscience and the experiments of the abstract artists of the ‘New York School’. This group of […]

Green Head

I bought a copy of Eric Kandel’s new book, Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging Two Cultures a couple of days ago. I’m very excited to read it, as I am an avid neuroscience reader and visual artist. I read a review of this book, about a month ago and wrote posted my reaction to […]

Broken Curves

I was reading about a new book today, which I can’t wait to get. The author is Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist who wrote The Age of Insight, a wonderful book about art and the brain. His latest book is called Reductionism in Art in Brain Science: Bridging the Two Cultures. “Abstract art, says […]

Face: Edge and No Edge

I’ve been reading The Age of Insight by Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel. In this fascinating book about art and neurobiology, he relates visual techniques of artists to the brain’s processing of visual information. Today I explore hard and soft edges in a schematic portrait of a human head. Kandel pointed out that the first […]

Face Processing

My readings of vision research ended years ago, with the works of Kuffler, Hubel and Wiesel about low and intermediate visual processing in the primary visual cortex. The current book I am reading, The Age of Insight, by Nobel Prize winning neurobiologist Eric Kandel, relates how artists instinctively use the physiology of this stage of vision (edge-detection, orientation […]

The Brain and Art

I just resumed my reading of The Age of Insight, a book by Nobel Prize winning neurobiologist Eric Kandel. It is a unique book that examines the world of art beginning in the early 20th century (with Vienna, Austria as the focal point) in relation to the psychology and physiology of the brain. I remember studying […]