No Cruising

I saw this sign in front of city hall the other day.  What is cruising anyway?  I could understand the sign if it was located in Venice, Italy. After all, nobody likes unwanted wakes from cruising boats. Would I be in violation if I drove slowly looking at passers by?  I suppose if I were […]

Corner of ‘Look’ and ‘Don’t Look’

I am one of the vanishing breed who still remembers the ‘Walk’ and ‘Don’t Walk’ signs that used to populate the corners in NYC. I understand the logos that replaced the words on these signs have also undergone evolutionary change since the ones I knew when I lived there. I encountered an equivalent, yet modern […]

Look Up

I’ve seen ‘Look’ signs before. Usually they are at light rail crossings or at sidewalk level next to the curb.  This is the only ‘Look Up’ sign I’ve seen, to my recollection. Before I looked up, I looked around to see if anyone was lurking, waiting for looker uppers as pick pocket targets. Satisfied that […]

‘Or Else’ Icon

One sees icons everywhere. Although the word in a ‘Stop’ sign is in English, the  eight-sided shape of the sign is the universal language for ‘cease from moving forward’. Any foreign word could be placed on this octagonal template, and all (who have passed a driver’s test) would know the correct meaning. What about the […]

Counting People

One person, one vote, right?  That’s what I thought. But who knows nowadays…  Perhaps my news fast* went on for too long, and I missed something. This was the occupancy sign notifying us of the lawful limit of people who could occupy the dining area where we had lunch today. I enlarged it for readability: […]

Bikon on Green Field

I like the spongy green surfaces that have sprouted up within some of the bicycle lanes here in town. I came across one patch yesterday. The by-now-universal bicycle icon (see post ‘Bikon‘) was emblazoned on this green field. The iconic bike rider looks a bit pediatric due to the foreshortening in the picture. This was […]