Watercolor Sketches: Fantasy on a Coney Island Mural (2023)

I took a series of photos on the Coney Island boardwalk in 1991 (Atlantis, Coney Island, NYC, Mural for Young and Old, and Lonely in Winter). It seems that I forgot to post the photo on which these watercolors are based on. I started these sketches well over a year ago on a 14×20″ watercolor […]

Project: Preparations for Opening an Etsy Shop (2)

I lived in NYC for a long while. During the winter of 1991 I took a jaunt to Coney Island where I took a series of color photos (I may also have had a camera loaded with black and white film with me – I was a bit of a fanatic back then). I printed […]

Project: Preparations for Opening an Etsy Shop (1)

Posts in this new series will detail my preparations for opening a shop on the Etsy platform. I envision that it will accomplish several things: 1) enable me to share my art; 2) help me to reduce the inventory of art currently housed in my apartment, while; 3) making money. My short term goal is […]

Vintage Photo Coney Island, NYC Lonely in Winter 1991

The mood created by lengthening shadows and the lone toddler on his trike belie the promise of Fun, etc.offered by the pointing finger of the sign.

Vintage Photo: Coney Island Boardwalk 1991

This was a candid shot. I did not know either of the people in the frame.  I set up a tripod in front, and to the side of the lady in sunglasses. As I recall, the focal length was short (28mm), so it did not appear as if I was taking her picture.  I like […]

Atlantis Building Graffiti

Coney Island, in Brooklyn NY, is a wonderful place especially in the off season. The boardwalk was virtually deserted in the photograph below.  I was photographing the shuttered Atlantis Building, when I caught the shadow of a passerby who was about to enter the scene. The shadow seemed to integrate with the graffiti, except for a […]

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