I love signs.

There are signs that are ambiguous, but state their meaning in no uncertain terms:

Photograph: No Sign

There are signs that express frustration:

Photograph: Stinky Sign on Lower East Side

Sign Found on the Lower East Side

Today I saw another sign. It struck me as ironic. The sign, when read in its entirety advises, its readers of their right to not be deterred from shopping, presumably by people asking for money or distracting them in any other way.  Directly in front of the sign is someone at a table with his own signs asking for money.

Photograph: Distraction Shopping Sign

Distraction Shopping

We can make an accurate guess at the entire text of the sign: “Your Right to Distraction-Free Shopping.” But the words that are actually visible say: “Your Right Distraction Shopping.” Given the penchant for people to mis-spell or mis-use words and a little imaginative punctuation, the words visible on the sign in this photo could be read as, “You’re right, distraction shopping,” which describes the situation precisely.

I love signs.

2 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Hi! I nominated you for the Love/Hate Blogger challenge. I don’t think you usually write about these, but I would really like to read your take on this challenge. You can check out my latest post for the details! 🙂


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