Project: Preparations for Opening an Etsy Shop (2)

I lived in NYC for a long while. During the winter of 1991 I took a jaunt to Coney Island where I took a series of color photos (I may also have had a camera loaded with black and white film with me – I was a bit of a fanatic back then). I printed […]

Project: Preparations for Opening an Etsy Shop (1)

Posts in this new series will detail my preparations for opening a shop on the Etsy platform. I envision that it will accomplish several things: 1) enable me to share my art; 2) help me to reduce the inventory of art currently housed in my apartment, while; 3) making money. My short term goal is […]

Vintage Photo: Coney Island Boardwalk 1991

This was a candid shot. I did not know either of the people in the frame.  I set up a tripod in front, and to the side of the lady in sunglasses. As I recall, the focal length was short (28mm), so it did not appear as if I was taking her picture.  I like […]