Coney Island Texture

I took this picture through the fence at Coney Island during the off season. There is fine texture on the fence post and links of the fence in the foreground, while the chain link fence as a whole, overlays a regular, course pattern on the scene. In optical terms, the photograph captures a wide range of […]

Off Season

Here is another photograph from the archives. When I lived in Bay Ridge, I used to walk to Coney Island. I enjoyed walking along the Belt Parkway on the sidewalk in the park between the highway and the bay. I loved Coney Island in the off season.

Reader Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: I found another graffit-o-genic photograph in my files. I took it in 1991 during a walk through Coney Island. Coney Island is highly over-populated in the summertime, but nearly abandoned in the winter. I saw the cinderblocked opening to the ‘Reader Adviser’ building. The graffiti was incidental to me, at the time. […]

Atlantis Building Graffiti

Coney Island, in Brooklyn NY, is a wonderful place especially in the off season. The boardwalk was virtually deserted in the photograph below.  I was photographing the shuttered Atlantis Building, when I caught the shadow of a passerby who was about to enter the scene. The shadow seemed to integrate with the graffiti, except for a […]

Sea Food Building

Today’s watercolor experiment: My photography digitization project is providing me with grist for my watercolor experiments. I used to take a lot of walks around New York City, mostly Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, I really enjoyed my walks around Coney Island. The scenes I encountered there merged my interest in local architecture with my morbid fascination […]

Finished Piece & Coney Island

I finally finished the watercolor portrait of Bowie & Weatherford Inc. Booksellers. It only took another day of mason work, some touch up of the windows, and completing the figure standing in front. You can see the progression of this work in these posts: Slowing Down, Shadows Plus Camel Man, The Thing About Bricks. The […]