Abstract Habits

These days, when I sit down to paint, I usually wet the entire paper, choose a color and then apply it with a wide brush.  I usually make an arc and, based on the color and variations of that arc, I choose another color (complementary or more closely-related) and paint another swath, either adjacent to […]

Comfort Zone

Today’s watercolor experiment: Inspiration: I was still thinking about aging and diminishment of faculties as I was trying to decide what to paint today. The visual sense is very important to me so I view the loss of sight as a very scary, dangerous prospect. I though of Paul Klee‘s drawings. I don’t remember any specific […]


I don’t think of myself as old. I think of myself as a person who has been young for a very, very long time. Except for a couple of things. The other day I was just walking along and I was stopped in my tracks by my ankle. And pain. When I limped to the doc, […]

Neuro Dream

My dreams have been a bit odd lately, even by my standards. The other night I dreamed that I had an MRI scan and that I was deficient in elemental gold and silver in the region of the caudate and putamen, central gray-matter structures deep inside the brain. The treatment (obviously) was to infuse gold […]

Watercolor Glory

I took this picture in a parking lot the other day. I love the transition from white to pink to purple to blue. I am particularly fond of the color change from blue to purple. Today’s watercolor experiment: In a previous experiment I journaled my verbal thoughts as I went about painting: from initial idea to […]


I don’t know how old Arthur is. I thought I was a better parent than that, but I guess I’m not. It may be because it is so hard to tell from which point to start. Do I start counting the time from when his seed split? When the root started? When the stem sprouted? […]

Head Butt

Today’s watercolor experiment: I started this study a couple of days ago when I was painting in the ‘brain series’ mode. My other studies in this genre are: Brain Teasers, Compartmentalization, Memory Fades, Untitled, Brain Abstract. I began with a green crescent of paint, meant to represent a cross section of the corpus callosum, that massive […]

Painting and Writing Processes

Creative process – visual and written In a previous post I considered the difference between painting and writing and wondered how each process differed. Each artist, writer or painter, has his or her own process. Some have been generous enough to share. For example, Paul Klee, in addition to diaries and notes about his work, wrote […]

Great Minds

For the past few weeks I have painted abstract watercolor studies. Other than my ‘brain series’ (Brain Teasers, Compartmentalization, Untitled, Brain Abstract), where I began with the notion of representing the anatomy of the brain, my usual strategy would be to apply a brush loaded with paint to a wet piece of watercolor paper and see what image or idea would […]

Abstract 91014

Note to reader: I write my blog entries and paint my watercolor studies the day before I schedule them for posting. I worked on the watercolor below without conscious knowledge that I would post it on the 13th anniversary of the  horror of 9/11/2001.  I was living in NYC on that day and saw the […]