Abstract 071816

I had nothing in mind today as I poured my liquid latex onto the paper and moved it around the paper. The thoughts I had were based on what I saw emerging: a crescent moon; a meteor; a rain storm. When I was finished the people to whom I showed it saw other things: a dog; […]

All Together Now

Today’s watercolor experiment: Having used the complements of the primary colors (blue with orange in ‘From a Magazine‘; yellow with purple in ‘Imaginary Forest‘; and red with green in ‘Next Complement Please‘), I wanted to combine them all in one composition. A word about the composition: I could not think of a natural subject that would allow […]

Fallen Leaves at the Museum

We had the good fortune of going to the Getty Museum today.  The traffic was terrible on the way there. My daughter told me the reason for this: nobody works in LA, so traffic is heavy, no matter what time of day one decides to take the freeway. There was a Rubens painting exhibit, which […]


Have you ever seen a chain smoker light a cigarette from the one he is just finishing? I am doing the equivalent with my blog.  Yesterday I was trying to explain the thought process I use when I am painting. This is unsettled territory for me. My process has changed significantly from when I began; even […]

Abstract Process

I am more aware of how I think when I paint these days. For yesterday’s experiment, I began with a premise as a starting point. Months ago I used a different method: I would randomly brush or splatter paint or latex resist, sit back and wonder what to do next with what I saw on the paper. Today’s […]


I don’t think of myself as old. I think of myself as a person who has been young for a very, very long time. Except for a couple of things. The other day I was just walking along and I was stopped in my tracks by my ankle. And pain. When I limped to the doc, […]

Autistic Vision

My blog yesterday featured Jonah Lehrer’s analysis of Cézanne’s struggle to represent the world as he saw it, likening it to the very process of vision. Today I would like to look into the process of seeing by autistic individuals. Many autistic individuals are creative and express themselves in the arts. [1] In this short […]

Cézanne and Neuroscience

In his book Proust was a Neuroscientist, Jonah Lehrer illustrates how the revelations of the arts and literature give us insight into the human mind with as much, and possibly more clarity than does the work of neuroscientists. The chapter about Paul Cézanne caught my interest. Cézanne’s vision The impressionists, whose work was contemporaneous with […]

Shape and Size

Baby William is doing very well. He is a lot different from when he was a week old. Back then, I couldn’t even get his attention. I suppose, since he was busy getting used to living in an air environment, that’s understandable. Plus the fact that his gaze, focused at about 8-10 inches according to […]


My mother got a brand new VW bug in the early 1960s. It was shiny and red. I particularly remember one bright sunny day. I had just gotten a pair of binoculars, and to try them out, I pointed its gaze to Mom’s car parked on the street. I can still see the sparkling red […]

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