Head Butt

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I started this study a couple of days ago when I was painting in the ‘brain series’ mode. My other studies in this genre are: Brain Teasers, Compartmentalization, Memory Fades, Untitled, Brain Abstract.

I began with a green crescent of paint, meant to represent a cross section of the corpus callosum, that massive wide ribbon of neurons that cable the two halves of the brain together. Underneath this, I painted a blue/violet triangular shape to illustrate the cabling system emanating from the hippocampus, the fimbria fornix hanging from the septum pellucidum along the midline of the brain.

I couldn’t think of much to do from this point so I penciled in other structures as seen in a sagittal section (a split down the middle – right between the eyes) at the midline. Most of them fit in rather well.

I highlighted the ventricle in cadmium yellow pale. This is the chamber at the center of the central nervous system that is continuous from the spinal column through the lateral ventricles (the chamber at the center of each cerebral hemisphere).

Note: The development of the ventricular system from embryo to mature brain serves as the core for a unique narrative introducing neuroanatomy  by Dr. Andrew Lautin and me.

Watercolor Sketch - Brain Sagittal Section

Head Butt
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

By the way, the title calls notice to my initial placement of the corpus callosum. It was not centered properly, causing the front of my head (that is the inside of the head, whose brain I drew) to bump up against the left side of the picture plane.

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