Sketch Book Series: Dogwood Blossoms (circa 2012)

This was an early attempt to capture the beauty of the dogwood blossoms outside my Mom and Dad’s house. Today is the (14th) anniversary of my father’s death. I can’t think of a dogwood tree without thinking of him. Once I asked Dad how he was able to identify a dogwood tree. “By its bark,” […]

Sketch Book Series: M and D’s View of Florida Room (April 2009)

Even though the background should be seen as further away, I enjoyed my efforts to assemble the elements of this watercolor sketch to reconstruct the view of the ‘Florida Room’ (as the called it) at my Mom and Dad’s house.

Cloud Practice 3: With Blue Skies

In these practice sketches, I tried several different techniques. First, I only partially removed the liquid mask. This resulted in a stippling effect in some of the clouds.  I also laid down a second blue wash on the sky. I tried different ways of sculpting the clouds with gray and black pigments. In the second […]

Practice: Clouds at Different Heights with Blue Sky

This was an attempt to combine clouds with blue skies.  First, I used liquid latex to mask areas for the clouds, then I painted the blue sky. I knew that the sharp edges around the mask would need to be soften, as clouds are soft.  On some of the edges, I added water, before the […]

Watercolor Sketches: Gray Clouds in Front of Cloud Line, with Evergreens

Here are a couple of more preliminary watercolor sketches of cloud formations. I photographed this cloud bank late last month. I was struck by the smattering of blue sky between the solid mass of white-edged clouds in the background, and smaller steel gray clouds hovering in the foreground. In the first sketch, I laid down […]

Watercolor Cloud Studies – First Trial

I’m dipping my toe back into the watercolor pond with these two sketches. I am trying to reproduce the cloud patterns from an early photo (see reference photo below). In the second sketch, I tried to give up some control back to the water. Reference photo:

Violin Memory – After Klee

I used to play the violin. I still have the one my friend from a violin-making school made for me. It is a beautiful copy of a Guarneri del Gesu. I’m scared to death to look at it, as I haven’t taken it out in a very long time. Paul Klee was a musician as well […]

Leaves – Sketch

Today’s watercolor is a departure from my recent spate of abstracts. The other day, as I was coming up the walk, something caught my eye. It was the color and arrangement of shapes on the ground. Two leaves were partially entwined. There were some interesting and subtle colors and shadows that I thought I could […]