Mom just died. I was there to celebrate her 90th birthday just a week before her death. My brother Dave and I were both at her side when she passed away. We had her burial yesterday. I tried to concentrate on every detail. But even today, a day later, I’m starting to forget. Usually I take […]

All Together Now

Today’s watercolor experiment: Having used the complements of the primary colors (blue with orange in ‘From a Magazine‘; yellow with purple in ‘Imaginary Forest‘; and red with green in ‘Next Complement Please‘), I wanted to combine them all in one composition. A word about the composition: I could not think of a natural subject that would allow […]

Painting and Writing Processes

Creative process – visual and written In a previous post I considered the difference between painting and writing and wondered how each process differed. Each artist, writer or painter, has his or her own process. Some have been generous enough to share. For example, Paul Klee, in addition to diaries and notes about his work, wrote […]

First Sight

It must have been in 5th grade when we all had to get our eyes checked. All I remember is standing in the middle of this darkened room in the basement and some man I couldn’t see asked me to read letters in this bright spot on the wall. There must have been something in my […]

Abstract Amusement

Recently most of my posts have been about watercolor sketching. I try to experiment with it every day. I am interested in the process of creativity, with the goal of being able to visibly express emotions that I feel.  The great Paul Klee once said that “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.”  Yesterday […]


I’ve had some classes in drawing. I’ve read up on perspective and I’ve practiced drawing scenes in front of me. I find that I must continually check to see whether I have properly estimated the area on my two-dimensional paper to match the corresponding view of the three-dimensional scene in front of me. With practice, […]

Drawing a Dream

Vivid dreams I have vivid dreams pretty frequently. I’m not sure with what they are correlated. They could be related what is happening around me: a book I am reading, a movie I watched or a feeling with which I am wrestling. For a long period of time, I would wake up shortly after my […]