Unintended Consequences

The study I planned for today was another rendition of my ‘Break’ watercolor. Yesterday’s painting was a realization of the important visual aspects of the photograph I took during my break at work the other day. There was much more drama in that composition than in the original painting, which I thought was just a […]

Painting and Writing Processes

Creative process – visual and written In a previous post I considered the difference between painting and writing and wondered how each process differed. Each artist, writer or painter, has his or her own process. Some have been generous enough to share. For example, Paul Klee, in addition to diaries and notes about his work, wrote […]

Philosophy Gets Personal

One of the rewards of being interested in a number of different topics is the satisfaction of noting similarities and connections in seemingly disparate areas. For instance, after I re-read The Stranger, by Albert Camus, it struck me that the main character had some traits displayed by some autistic individuals. Perhaps the similarity is a trivial coincidence; perhaps by making […]

Busy People

Most people I know are busy. I think that if you are busy as a child, you will be a busy adult. My granddaughter, nine years old, is always involved in one project or another. Her mom, was the same way as a child and is a dynamo today. She is continually in motion. Ben […]

Twenty-seven + Twenty-two

A record I bet that hold a record for forgetting. Back in 1991, I had this roll of film developed. I must have carted it around with all my stuff since college. I think it was 1991, because when I got the contact sheets back I remember thinking, “Damn, this was taken 27 years ago!” […]

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