Abstract 041517

I began with a brush semi-wet with opera rose. I followed the first stroke with others arranged radially. To be clear, I had no plan beforehand. Each stroke inspired the next, based on its appearance and orientation. I wish to improve my skills in planning a painting. My recent paintings mostly express a passion for […]

Abstract Jellies

I’ve been reading about the history of abstract art. There seem to be as many theories and approaches to art as there are artists. How could that be otherwise? For the most part artists try to portray truths about reality. It is no coincidence that many different forms of art arose after Einstein’s theory of […]

Abstract B

When I first applied the Peacock blue and bismuth yellow today, I was struck by the color they made when they came together. I kept two pools of yellow relatively isolated. Not much of the original blue remained, however.  After this yellow-blue figure thoroughly dried, I dripped red directly to the blue areas. I did […]

Applied Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment; The idea in my mind today was to compose a recognizable scene using knowledge I gained during the past few days of painting abstract studies (Let Watercolors Be Watercolors, About Those Watercolors, Yet Another Factor, Red Abstract). Process: I remember a painting I did a few months ago in which I drew my paintbrush across […]

Yet Another Factor

Today’s watercolor experiment: I am still in the abstract mode, as I have been for the past couple of days. Today, I decided to experiment in the same vein with peacock blue, a Holbein pigment made up of a green (PG7) and phthalo blue (PB15), quinacridone red and lemon yellow. In the color test strip […]


I was very impressed by Maurice Sapiro’s latest work called Flash Point. It is a wonderful Turneresque scene. I’ve often wondered how Turner created his color transitions to infuse his work with such drama.  Sapiro also suffuses his painting with atmosphere. Today’s watercolor experiment: Although Flash Point and many of Turner’s works are oil on canvas, I […]

Abstract Habits

These days, when I sit down to paint, I usually wet the entire paper, choose a color and then apply it with a wide brush.  I usually make an arc and, based on the color and variations of that arc, I choose another color (complementary or more closely-related) and paint another swath, either adjacent to […]