Man Struggling with Daily Activities

I sat across the room from this gentleman who, like others at the cafe, was there to work.  He wasn’t able to use his arms easily. They jumped from one position to another. I felt like helping, but didn’t want to interfere. He didn’t seem to be seeking assistance. I left him alone.


I recently posted about aging (Diminishment) and disability (Comfort Zone). Some reduction of faculties are gradual and can be tolerated I imagine, much as one gets used to the shock of jumping into a pool of cold water. Although frightening, this aspect of the human condition is often a topic that people in older age groups can […]

Comfort Zone

Today’s watercolor experiment: Inspiration: I was still thinking about aging and diminishment of faculties as I was trying to decide what to paint today. The visual sense is very important to me so I view the loss of sight as a very scary, dangerous prospect. I though of Paul Klee‘s drawings. I don’t remember any specific […]


I don’t think of myself as old. I think of myself as a person who has been young for a very, very long time. Except for a couple of things. The other day I was just walking along and I was stopped in my tracks by my ankle. And pain. When I limped to the doc, […]

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